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Students in the Darlington County School District (DCSD) will make up three of the five school days missed due to inclement weather. The Darlington County Board of Education voted this week to forgive the remaining two missed student days, pending the approval of snow day legislation currently before lawmakers.

South Carolina state law requires school districts to make up all school days missed due to inclement weather (South Carolina 59-1-425). The law further stipulates school districts must designate at least three make-up days on the school calendar. Under legislation pending in the South Carolina House and Senate, local school boards have the flexibility to forgive up to five missed student days once the first three have been addressed.

The DCSD Board of Education approved changing February 28, March 3, and April 21 to regular school days. Students are expected to be in class for these three days, and attendance will be taken.

The school board also approved a plan for teachers to make up the two professional development days impacted by the inclement weather. Teachers will make up the parent-teacher conference day by arriving early and staying late on designated days. Each school will notify parents of the school’s schedule. Teachers will also work on June 6 to make up the second day.